Monday, February 22, 2010

Some 15mm SF I'm Working On

Some 15mm SF that I've been working on. All three models are from Ground Zero Games. On the left is an armed civilian, middle is from their Alien Mercs line and on the right is a Crusty (not-District-9-Prawn). All of them have amazing detail. The green fellow in particular was a pleasure to paint, brown, green skin and rusty weapon. I painted him in Warhammer 40K style as one of their Orks. Maybe I can tempt some of that crowd into discovering that there are actually other games out there! (I wonder if you asked them if they had heard of Napoleonics, what they would say...)

Next up is an APC from Old Crow. I try to keep all my vehicles as non-metal because I'll be moving back to SA from Japan very soon, and the weight of all that lead will soon add up. It can double as an SADF Ratel or any one of the other modern APCS, as well as an SF one. Painted it desert camo, as SA military hardware is usually this drab brown and it's fairly universal as far as modern conflicts go. I also figure habitable exoplanets will usually be dry and desert-y too.

Figures are: the Alien Merc, an Old Crow trooper, GZG NAC Marine, GZG Ravager, GZG Crusty, another GZG NAC Marine. As you can see, the Old Crow guys are very short and skinny compared to everybody else. That's fine, I'll probably make them Chinese or Japanese troops and not mix them in with other figs. One grumble I have with Old Crow is that there's no SAW- or LMG-equipped troopers. GZG figs all have fantastic detail, although the NAC guys look like they've been chomping on the McStarBurgers when held next to the Old Crow. Maybe I'll paint them in nice slimming colours...

Not sure what I'll do with them yet. I have painted up about 20 Crusties and 40 Old Crow so I could do a humans vs. aliens slugfest, but I'd also like to do some post-apocalyptic scenarios, getting friends to role play as themselves with the armed civvies.


  1. Nice figs - like the background the top three are posed against. Where does that come from?

  2. Thanks, Kobol! That's a paper building from Germy's website, scaled down to 15mm