Sunday, December 20, 2009

You are at the end...

Hello world, and such.

This is the "end" of the blog, although it's technically the beginning. When reading blogs, the format usually results in us starting with the first post and working our way back through time, much like like reading a book in reverse. Of course, a good ending wraps things up for the reader, so here is an introduction at the end.

This blog is about energy, space, physics, economy, the future and other such musings. The non-space related stuff may be offloaded to another blog, but for now this is the only blog there is. OK, so why "Centauri Sky" other than it sounds cool? Well, I have an abiding interest in space, as you may have guessed, and Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to earth. It is also the subject of a little-known race to find the closest extrasolar planets to Earth... and possibly the closest planets with life. You can read the rather inspirational story here:

Alpha Centauri Planet Hunt at SEED Magazine

Alpha Centauri also represents the sky that I grew up with in the Southern Hemisphere, which I can't see anymore on account of being in the Northern Hemisphere. Alpha Centauri was the star I looked for at night, against the vast majesty of the Milky Way's arms spread across the eye - the closest star to me other than the sun. So, it's part nostalgia for me. I hope you enjoy reading the stuff I put up here.

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